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Remove Disqus Ads from your wordpress blog

Are you are using Disqus comment system and wondering how to remove / hide those ugly irrelevant ads from your wordpress blog ?

Last week i was shocked to see irrelevant ads on one of my food recipe website, just check the screen below

disqus around the web ads

If you are facing similar situation and want to remove such ads then Disqus has made it easy to turn off Ads from appearing on your blog

Here is how you can remove Disqus around the web links from your website / wordpress blog

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Mobile SEO and a case for ‘Responsive’ design

A comprehensive mobile SEO review, audit and revamp always helps. While mulling over ‘Responsiv’’ design as part of online marketing, you should take into account some critical factors before taking the plunge. Some of them are set-up time, need for large pages, and user experience especially on mobile devices. Get more dope!


Tips to evolve into an able content marketer

As we all would readily agree, how impressively and assertively we convey our thoughts is as important as what exactly we are communicating, in the real world. The same holds true for online realm. Your authority is largely decided on basis of your capability to change readers’ mindset, to effectively influence them, to motivate people to act, and to bring in a positive change in their thought process. Get more dope!


Where’s SEO headed in 2013? 6 quick observations

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a line being drawn between SEO professionals focused on the search as a short term solution, and those who know where it’s heading from a longer term perspective. In 2012, it was mostly about building of links so as to improve rankings. Many SEOs at least thought it was so, and they suffered post Google Penguin /Panda updates. So, what does the New Year have in store for the industry? Get more dope!


Authorship Markup and other trends to watch

A majority of attention grabbing headlines in the domain of digital marketing for 2012 have once again been from social media. But there have been marked changes and noticeable trends in the realm of SEO and search marketing, largely driven by the Penguin as well as Panda updates of Google. The online search will witness more dramatic changes in 2013 no doubt (will we be seeing Polar Bears in the year ahead). Get more dope!

In SEO, mere number don’t count; quality of traffic does

Inexperienced search engine optimization experts can focus at times, a bit excessively on over-hyped metrics that emphasize more on quantity than quality of traffic. This can lead to a series of needless calculations and measurements, which are not only complex, but also offer precious little data and insight about a site’s SEO success and viability. Get more dope!


How to spot the correct keywords to reach your target audience?

It is very vital to make use of the correct keywords so as to reach out to your target audience and stay ahead of your competitors. If your pages and content does not include the same generic or specific words the prospects are looking for, your site has very little chance of showing up in search results for those particular searches and be noticed by people. Get more dope!


Bing algorithm changes SEO experts must know to target higher rank in SERP

The philosophy that guides Bing algorithm revolves around throwing up most useful results right at top of the relevant Search Engine Results Page. To put it in simple terms, the engine does so by ranking the results in apparent descending order of importance. This is based on the clicks any given result gets. Of course, specific answers, in turn, need to be competitive and comprehensive with the results they displace so as to justify their position within that results page. Get more dope!