November 2008

59 hours of terror to tear Mumbai apart, by well planned terrorist is now over. Our brave elite commandos and soldiers have eliminated those cowered sons of bitc*** who killed each and everyone that came in front of them with Bullets and Grenades.

I was just scanning through all the junk stored on my pc, hoping to free some valuable space so that i can store more junk on it. While hunting down the files, I came across my very first few animation videos, which I made for myself back in 2001-2002

Today wasn’t an ordinary day at office since I was busy playing (testing) a flash game which we are developing for a client. You would think., oh what a cool task spend entire day playing video game….. wow, NO, trust me, it wasn’t cool at all.

The game is modified version of pacman. No matter how passionate one is about gaming, 6-8 hours of pacman, seriously ?