A majority of attention grabbing headlines in the domain of digital marketing for 2012 have once again been from social media. But there have been marked changes and noticeable trends in the realm of SEO and search marketing, largely driven by the Penguin as well as Panda updates of Google. The online search will witness more dramatic changes in 2013 no doubt (will we be seeing Polar Bears in the year ahead).

This is really awesome! The Founders is a weekly video series documenting the adventures of startup companies in TechStars Boulder 2010. The episodes follow the experiences of three companies throughout the summer in Boulder, Colorado from the time they arrive through investor day...

Today I decided to indulge and bite into my favorite street food vada pav, I drove down to my usual vendor for my yummy indulgence the only thing I dread while going there are the crowds queuing up for a bite too. No kidding it probably takes around 20 minutes to get your hands on that peace of heaven