Authorship Markup and other trends to watch

A majority of attention grabbing headlines in the domain of digital marketing for 2012 have once again been from social media. But there have been marked changes and noticeable trends in the realm of SEO and search marketing, largely driven by the Penguin as well as Panda updates of Google. The online search will witness more dramatic changes in 2013 no doubt (will we be seeing Polar Bears in the year ahead). What are some of the key trends we anticipate to evolve as we near the end of 2012 and get set to welcome 2013 in a month’s timer?

Unethical SEO practices will face downfall

The huge impact of both updates (Penguin and Panda) is still lingering around, with quite a many sites almost vanishing from the search results, witnessing dramatic falls rankings. Several unethical SEO agencies and their clients are struggling to revive from the sudden collapse in overall strength of their respective link networks plus improper content spinning.

Content will hold the key

Though the string of changes at the search engine giant is positive in nature, the same are still hurting many online businesses. The aim is to fine tune and clean up search results pages, encouraging sites, which put in efforts towards useful, dynamic and original content. Such content creators are clearly reaping the benefits. Others are greatly losing out.

The online industry, including even business sites, will see more focused investment and concerted efforts in interactive content – user generated information, in particular, thanks to increasing importance being given to social signals. This is where your choice of an experienced and expert copywriting and content generating resource comes into play. You have to be very careful in choosing one.

Algorithm changes leading to SEO challenges

The changes in Google algorithm will continue to impact the search industry in the near future. Core considerations though, will not greatly change for businesses. The apparent prominence of authorship will be important. Businesses will look to bring about relevant changes so as to favorably tweak search results. There will ultimately a greater emphasis on an individual’s status, influence in respective domain. The authority source, contributing to idea of your site as a holistic knowledge disseminating authority, will matter.

Google has already introduced the much-discussed ability for disavowing links in its Webmaster Tools. It will further fuel discussions and heated debates on how the offending links to a site can be spotted and if they should quickly be discredited. You need to watch out for them!

Authorship Markup from Google

Google’s approach of ascribing content bits to their original owners was announced first by Matt Cutts more than a year ago, though its impact on search rankings perhaps has yet to register. The engine is already piloting the author information display in results so as to allow people access quality content. Being in a position to verify a webpage author not only lets it know who penned the piece, but also enables to weigh links on basis of AuthorRank of those placing the link. This is something to keep watching in the year ahead..

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