A list of handy link analysis tools

In an earlier post, we have looked into some of the critical elements at the time of link profile audit of your a website, including anchor text, type of link, clusters of similar IPs, and internal link structure, among others. Now let us consider, some of the recommended tools suitable for the job:

Open Site Explorer

It is powered by Mozscape, SEOmoz’s index of the links on the internet. Beyond all the standard link data like linking URLs, linking domains, anchor text etc, Mozscape incorporates unique metrics that provide quick insight into the authority as well as trust of pages/ domains.  The major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo build similar indexes to help evaluate the relevance and importance of content on the web.

It helps find out the type of websites are actually discussing and linking to your site. You can know and fix omissions or errors on the links, which point to your website. Also, investigate where your key competitors are getting most links, and then target those areas to earn attention in your sustained marketing efforts. It helps compare the link metrics with those of your immediate competitors for assessing your competition and developing strategies to improve how your website holds up against the intense competition. Learn about the pages on your site that are among the most authoritative, and also find those with broken links or those redirecting to another page.


With the launch of SERP base, it has turned into ‘two in one’ project. It uses no less than 45’000’000 keywords, and contains 9 language bases of keywords for various countries. Only those keywords used for search at least 30 times every month are incorporated into this base.

Among other vital aspects, its offers statistics of backlinks for any given domain, domain hierarchy (along with subdomains), URL, and path; total links found, and separate counts for all no-follow links, those with images and with anchor text. Other key features are HTTP status codes (it includes 301 and 302); data on frames and forms from which action directs to domain that you’re interested in; backlinks tab with vital external links; referring Domains tab with domains that give the highest number of links; referring Subnets tab with class C nets that give the highest number of links; and Pages tab (with highest-rated pages)

Link Research Tools

An introductory note to this tool on its site claims, “Link Builders need the best tools to excel in their job! Link Research Tools is the most advanced link building toolkit on the market with automated Link Profiling. Get relevant links with Theming & Site Type analysis for every link and quality signals from over 40 different integrated back ends like Google, Yahoo, Bing, SeoMoz Linkscape, Sistrix, SEMrush, Majestic, Google Webmaster Tools and many more….”  Do we need to say more?

Link Detective

By classifying low quality links quickly, it leaves a smaller pile of quality contextual links behind, which you then can manually run through.



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