In State of Retro

Faith: you know you’re gonna live thru the rain… Keep The Faith – Bon Jovi . That’s what exactly happen last night when i was at my favorite club blue frog. Traveling over 25 kms (1hr approx) braving torrential rains to watch a retro live music gig, was a first for me. Usually blue frog for a trance addict like me is all about beats and energy, but this night was different.

It was a retro night and right when The Other People started belting awesome songs the club dropped into darkness due to power failure, but the spirit of true music lovers like us kept the night alive while patiently waiting for the power to come back. I was hoping the band would start playing acoustic version. Patience pays and few minutes later, the band was back with a bang.

The band played a mix of retro classics, reggae and some good old pop. The crowed was vibrant and I did not miss my usual trance nights. All in all it was a night to remember for a long long time. What more I discovered a great band and another reason to go to live gigs.


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