Samir Asher

59 hours of terror to tear Mumbai apart, by well planned terrorist is now over. Our brave elite commandos and soldiers have eliminated those cowered sons of bitc*** who killed each and everyone that came in front of them with Bullets and Grenades.

I was just scanning through all the junk stored on my pc, hoping to free some valuable space so that i can store more junk on it. While hunting down the files, I came across my very first few animation videos, which I made for myself back in 2001-2002

Today wasn’t an ordinary day at office since I was busy playing (testing) a flash game which we are developing for a client. You would think., oh what a cool task spend entire day playing video game….. wow, NO, trust me, it wasn’t cool at all.

The game is modified version of pacman. No matter how passionate one is about gaming, 6-8 hours of pacman, seriously ?

MySpace has launched a music store for online members based in the US so they can tune  it for no cos. They would pay for downloads formula, according to media reports.  Users to avail this service are required to buy a copy of a track from Amazon’s music store to hear it on their portable players. The new MySpace Music just boasts a few thousand tracks, but would have ‘many millions’ soon.

The annual European i–Gaming Congress and Expo in Barcelona mirrored the constant drive and innovation of i-Gaming industry and those associated with it, EiG was held in Barcelona from September 23 to 25. It provided a platform to the entrepreneurs and market players associated with the industry. EiG enabled five start-up operators to pitch their ambitious vision to the audience. An expert panel of top gaming figures showed their skills in a ‘Dragons’ Den’ style session.

Michael Moore will be releasing his new film online (and for free) inspired by Neil Young and Radiohead.
The film ‘Slacker Uprising’ follows Michael Moore’s 62-city journey to rally young voters during the 2004 election. It is to be available as a free download for three weeks to North American residents, starting September 23. An official announcement of the film has already been made.