Paid placement is also popularly referred to or termed as Pay–Per–Click (PPC) model. In this, the marketers pay only when their ads are clicked upon by users after which they land up on the respective client website.

On the other hand, there are ads that appear either on top or just nearby the natural search results. These are called sponsored links in Google. The marketers bid for different keywords in this method. These are the terms, which a searcher is believed to type in a search engine’s query box to search for the desired service or product. When a surfer types in any particular term in the query box, which matches the marketer’s keywords, the respective ads show up as sponsored links.

The marketer is supposed to pay only when the user clicks on the ad to visit the company’s site. In paid inclusions, the marketers will pay a certain amount to the search engines as charges to include its site in the search index.

All search engines do not follow every Search engine marketing (SEM) model discussed above. For example, Google works broadly on the basis of SEO and also paid placement. There are various advantages of SEM..

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