Where’s SEO headed in 2013? 6 quick observations

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a line being drawn between SEO professionals focused on the search as a short term solution, and those who know where it’s heading from a longer term perspective. In 2012, it was mostly about building of links so as to improve rankings. Many SEOs at least thought it was so, and they suffered post Google Penguin /Panda updates. So, what does the New Year have in store for the industry?

  1. In 2013, role the SEO of must get above-n-beyond the basics, taking up a larger role. Site owners are looking for more effective ways to identify their target customer base, effectively reach out to them, and increase conversions, ultimately. It’s the SEO’s job to offer meaningful help.  A basic strategy would include obviously some sort of reporting (in terms of major keyword rankings, traffic numbers etc.
  2. However, more important will be the ability to analyze the data and better grasp the visitors’ demographic, such as from where they are accessing the website, when they do so, information/utility stuff they specifically are looking once they enter the site. These questions will require more precise answers as the online realm gets more competitive.
  3. SEOs now realize Google is getting more like us, human beings. If you can perceive a link to be a spammy one, you can reasonably be assured that Google will feel the same and figure that link out as well. If you check a page and remark that the content on it makes hardly any sense, this again might hold true for the search engine. With smart SEO tricks, you may temporarily boost Google rankings, but it won’t sustain, if readers don’t appreciate the text. Google will also know that. Inexperienced or unethical SEOs often persist with spam, since it sometimes works, and the strategy backfires at some stage if they continue with it.
  4. Good SEOs have recognized have grasped the intricacies of Google’s methodology so as to focus on astute integration with good quality content through links and public relations, even though this often proves to be more expensive as well as time consuming. In 2013, be wary of the SEO agencies that promise instant results and claim to be lower-priced. They may well be spam-focused. The good SEO will finally be vindicated.
  5. Links and search rankings are only means to serve an end; they are not really the end in themselves. More links and better rankings won’t be of much relevance if the conversions and monetization doesn’t happen. Smart SEOs need to understood this and focus on practical, useful and timely content. Content relevancy, overall user experience, excellent web design, meaningful conversions, proper traffic segmentation, and research that helps sell services and products, thus fetching higher profits will be the key in 2013. In essence, an SEO job is to visualize the future, and take steps NOW to sync with strategy and methods with the broader objectives.
  6. As SEO gradually converges with different online marketing tactics, it will turn into a more complex and broader function in 2013. It is going to get more critical than ever and will require more creative thinking and approaches that are out-of-the-box to meet the client’s specific needs.


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