Know why your website must be search engine friendly

A website is your showcase in the digital space. If your prospective customers fail to locate it, how are they going to buy products or services you offer? Obviously, the most important aspect for any Web-based business is online visibility.

One of the most effective ways to assure visibility on Internet is Search Engine Optimization. Let’s understood how search engine functions before we turn to SEO.

Here are a few facts:

Search Engines functions as the primary platforms tools for a wide array of users to discover websites of their choice and need.

There are different search engines like Google, Bing, Microsoft and Yahoo that are designed with a purpose of informing the searcher about those sites on World Wide Web, seemingly having a greater significance or relevance with the information sought by the searcher.

The end goal of the tops search engines is to give high quality content to those searching the Internet.

How do search engines work?

1. They crawl the Web: Search engines invariably make use of indexing software programs. The programs are known as robots or spiders. They are programmed so as to crawl the Web, constantly searching for updated or new site page. They essentially will go from one URL to another until they have covered all websites.

2. They rank the pages: Search engines rank the pages available on the Internet based on peculiar mathematical formulas. They use search algorithm for the purpose of verifying and deciding which websites are the most useful and the most appropriate to the search words or phrases you have type into it.

3. They deliver unique search results: Needless to say, each engine will have its own secret algorithm to deliver a unique search result for its users. In the context of above information, let us follow the role of SEO or search engine optimization. Basically, it’s the process to optimize a website to produce improved results in top search engines.

Search engines strive to list only those sites they find relevant to a topic. So you need to ensure that your site is able to provide content that is unique. If your site is deemed useful and updated, only then it will find favor with search engines. This is why it must be ‘search engine friendly’..

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