List building or relationship building: What’s your choice

Optimization is becoming more like an instant recipe for many site owners thanks to many over-enthusiastic Internet marketers jumping on the social media bandwagon. It is becoming that much more difficult for site owners to stand apart from the jostling crowd.

An E-commerce invariably obviously sustains and survives on the level of visibility it manages through online searches. In this context, we all realize the value and importance of leveraging today’s highly popular social networking sites. They play a vital role when it comes to presenting a core marketing message in the most efficient and economic way to the largest possible audience.

So the effort is to get as many social media followers in one go. For example, there has been quite a buzz about an app peculiarly called TwitterGetter. It promises to generate thousands of followers in quick time.

The idea is very simple: you retweet any message that you receive once you sign up and you start ‘following’ the last 6 users automatically who tweeted that message. When people happen to click on the link in that particular tweet they add you to their list to follow and so on. So what’s exactly wrong with this method? Well, let me explain.

You are passing on your user name/ password for Twitter, allowing them to use the details in your name. Agreed, many other apps follow this mode too. However, they do not necessarily use it (at least, we believe so) for signing you up sans your permission or following those whom you don’t personally know. The app builds a random follower list made up mostly of contacts trying to create a big list of ‘unconnected’ followers.

So, what’s really wrong with such list building? It’s not basically relationship building. You still have to check your new followers and know in more detail about each, before engaging them and starting a discussion with them. So why not undertake the exercise in the first place?

It is preferable to conduct a Twitter search for your domain or areas of interest. Scan TwitterPacks in specific niches. Make use of MrTweet for recommending people to follow on basis of your activity..

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