For SEO practitioners, there is a major development not to be missed out on: is a newly launched significant initiative together from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Its aim ostensibly is to build support and maintain a common set of schemas. This will enable structured data markup on all webpages. The three major players are supporting a defined set of schemas, similar to their program to support sitemaps.

A new one-stop, comprehensive resource for webmasters

Basically speaking, is intended to serve as a one-stop, comprehensive resource for webmasters who are keen to add markup to make the pages better understood by the top search engines. It was in 2008 that Yahoo! expressed its support of structured data by launching the SearchMonkey program.

The company credited itself to have helped increase in markup on the web realm that in turn enhanced the overall search experience. This was possible because of fast resolving queries through improved result displays. The program also allowed Yahoo! to kick start various other initiatives to offer a far better and fruitful search experience on Yahoo! Search, comprising automatic rich results as well as richer object displays.

A richer and more useful search experience

Yahoo! mentions in an official release:

“We continue to support the open web. In an effort to give our users richer and more useful search experiences we together with Google and Bing have pooled our experiences. The latest development opens up huge opportunity for growth. Apart from consolidating those for the vocabularies that we already support, there’re schemas for over a hundred just created categories like movies, music, TV shows, products, places etc. We’ll continue to expand the categories based on feedback from the user community, to publish new schemas regularly.”

Google makes a similar claim of having supported structured markup by introducing rich snippets a couple of years ago. The idea was to more efficiently show and represent results containing reviews or describing people and places. Since then, Google has expanded the scope to incorporate new kinds of rich snippets for recipes, sport, culture, events, and more.

Bing is also excited to join forces with Yahoo! and Google to deliver this new initiative of schemas essentially for structured data markup. This is a great opportunity for website owners and developers to boost the search ranks and improve visibility on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. How to make this happen? That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in the next few posts….

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