Remove Disqus Ads from your wordpress blog

Are you are using Disqus comment system and wondering how to remove / hide those ugly irrelevant ads from your wordpress blog ?

Last week i was shocked to see irrelevant ads on one of my food recipe website, just check the screen below

disqus around the web ads

If you are facing similar situation and want to remove such ads then Disqus has made it easy to turn off Ads from appearing on your blog

Here is how you can remove Disqus around the web links from your website / wordpress blog

  1. Login to Disqus
  2. Go to Dashboard
  3. Select your website profile (if you have several website under one disqus account)
  4. Go to settings > Discovery
  5. Select Just comments and save changes

Remove Disqus Ads


That’s it..! No more Disqus Ads

im not sure but my traffic had dropped after those ads started appearing on my blog and now i can see increase in traffic after i DISABLED disqus ads.

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