Is your business site properly ‘optimized to convert’?

Many site owners tend to treat SEO-centric Internet marketing as a typically one-dimensional project, ignoring various intricacies of it. Perhaps the experts they approach are not equipped enough and end up misguiding or misinforming them.

A section of them wrongly believe that each marketing campaign, by its very definition, has a specific start, and, a logical end point. That’s not the case…

Well, we shall try to see how E-commerce businesses can transform Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing into an ongoing cycle. Unfortunately, in my experience, many people fall for wrong advices and leave out the gamut of ‘analysis’ and ‘refinement’ which is extremely vital.

Measure and analyze the results of a campaign

It is critical that you meticulously measure and analyze the results of a marketing initiative undertaken by you, and check exactly how your business site or blog is performing over a period of time.

You might, for instance, be able to attract good traffic volume, but not succeed when it comes to converting or monetizing on the same. What does this imply? It probably indicates your website is not properly ‘optimized to convert”.

So how really to make this happen! In my opinion, you just need to take a few simple steps and that help you understand where visitors across the Web arrive from and what they did while they were at your site. There are ways of knowing this with tools and techniques readily available.

Why do you need a customized plan of action for SEO?

  • A generic SEO process may not fit one and all. By understanding the profile of your site visitors and target audience, we can provide you with a plan of action. It will aim at refining your marketing campaign cycle before it you run it again.
  • Again, this is an ongoing process. Each time it’s refined and repeated, you add that much more value to your content by squeezing a bit more focused traffic out of it. Obviously, this is going to increase your conversion rate gradually and steadily.
  • There is no point in chasing dramatic results that will only confuse search engines. Instead, the cumulative effect of small marketing iterations will have a greater impact. They will ultimately fetch you higher revenue and increased profit margins.

In the next post, shall be discussing a few of the techniques just to give you an idea of the whole process.


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