Make instant money using Google Talk

Let me tell you something… GOOGLE has always helped me make money and I would like to share with you a new trick that can populate your bank account with loads amount of cash

If you are an avid Google talk user (especially if you are one of those who cannot imagine a day without logging into gtalk) then this is for you. Here is a great way to make money on Google chat

Yes! your very own favorite Instant Messenger Gtalk can help you make all the money that you ever wanted

Here are few simple steps that can help you become a billionaire

Run Google talk (yes the best freaking IM in the world by GOOGLE), I believe you already have it opened on your pc


Click on the DOWN arrow next your “STATUS” (if you have one or don’t :P)

You will get the following menu.



Now here is the trick 😉

Navigate to the last option on this menu called Sign Out

HIT that button as hard as you can …. and get your a$$ back to work

I also know how to make money using other popular messengers, you can just add me to your Gtalk and I can show you how to easily become a billionaire using any instant messengers 😛

If you follow this tutorial then I know you are thanking me right now … all I have to say is you’re welcome.  Always happy to help!

Though I know IMs are productive, addictive and all that but they really eat into your work time. The time you would spend chasing the next business opportunity or close a project goes in thin air by yapping away with colleagues, friends and random people too.

Next update… How to make money using your personal facebook profile without any special skills.  (I know some of you stupid ones out there are also smart enough to figure that one out by now)

Warning: This website is too addictive and you need to hit the close button on your browser (top right) & GET BACK TO WORK!

Now here is the trick 😉


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