You have, by every stretch of imagination and on basis of each possible design and programming criteria, developed an amazing and awesome looking website. At least that’s wjat you would like to believe. Not just that, you are absolutely confident of having ensured its optimization to the best possible extent with right mix and density of domain specific keywords, and placed just in the right areas. So has your site or pages made it to the top of search engine positions recently?

You have tried your best! And yet, you realize that it is not still showing up in the top five Google search results for relevant keywords. Where is it lacking? There is no need to scratch your head, too much. If you inspect the sit closely, you will see it for yourself. If my guess is not wrong, what it lacks is quality links.

Let me explain to you why your SEO exercise remains incomplete sans link building. Here are a few basic things to keep in mind for you to grasp the vital role a well-planned link building program can play in your site’s visibility, popularity and credibility:

  • For your site to be noticed by your prospects, they must come across it not only through search engine optimization but also through link building. When they visit some other industry specific site, they should invariably notice a link pointing to yours (termed backlink).
  • Backlinks are important components of a comprehensive search engine optimization plan drawn keeping in mind the interests of any small business. A link back to a trustworthy online resource from your webpage or vice versa is perceived by the search engines as a vote of trust by other top sites for yours.
  • It goes without saying that the more authoritative and trusted the sites linking up to yours, and the more relevant is the context and content of that link is to that of your webpage, obviously the more that particular backlink will help your site climb up the search results’ ladder.
  • Quality links to and fro means a lot not only for search engines but also for readers, in effect, your target audience, thus increasing the chances of conversion, and boosting your business margins. There is a directly proportionate co-relation between the number of quality inbound links and webpage rank. In essence, hyperlinks greatly enhance your site’s SEO friendliness and conversion rate.


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  1. alexx October 22, 2011 at 2:39 am

    Very interesting, precise and well clued-up. Thanks for posting.

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