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In SEO, mere number don’t count; quality of traffic does

Inexperienced search engine optimization experts can focus at times, a bit excessively on over-hyped metrics that emphasize more on quantity than quality of traffic. This can lead to a series of needless calculations and measurements, which are not only complex, but also offer precious little data and insight about a site’s SEO success and viability. Read More

How to spot the correct keywords to reach your target audience?

It is very vital to make use of the correct keywords so as to reach out to your target audience and stay ahead of your competitors. If your pages and content does not include the same generic or specific words the prospects are looking for, your site has very little chance of showing up in search results for those particular searches and be noticed by people. Read More

Key parameters to consider while selecting SEO experts

Before you get started with your search for a SEO agency or consultant, it is always a wise idea to first become an informed or educated consumer yourself. This will help you get well familiar with functionalities and other basics of Search engines operations. You may follow the way Google crawls and indexes pages so that you are better aware of SEO. Read More