Secrets of creating effective link bait website content

Here are some more handy tips to achieve success in terms of writing a highly effective copy – be it generic content or a unique blog post on your website – for the purpose of link baiting.

  • Create clear and concise copy. The copy should be clear, concise and absolutely to the point. Apart from being free of jargon, it must be recent relevant, and timely.
  • The title must be eye catching or attention grabbing, or else it won’t encourage your audience to click through to the page. Sub-titles add substance to the copy and make it reader-friendly, as they can grasp the key points in one glance.
  • Link baiting can be achieved through new, innovative tools that are useful to the readers. A basic feature like checklist can prove to be handy for visitor, making them to link to your site. Even a ‘tool review’ feature can work well, as it creates a buzz, and helps generate incoming links.
  • Grab the reader’s interest with debates around a controversy. A controversy is bound to spark interest among the people. Any issue currently in spotlight can be used to initiate a discussion and thus gaining exposure.
  • If you have an informed comment to make, webmasters are quite likely to link back. From an SEO’s angle, stirring up heated exchanges, debates and discussions will prove to be effective link bait.
  • Enjoy the process of content creation. Last but not the least, the key is to enjoy the entire process of content creation based on research, one-to-one interviews, research, analysis, and fieldwork, if required. Once you manage to do that, you will get a due reward for all your efforts in the form of quality links.

The ideas above sure will help your site climb the search engine success ladder fast, boost its online visibility and ultimately, make your business a success!

The best part of good link bait content is that it’s generally well supported by search engines that want to serve quality content. And as you would agree, the more relevant links your site has, the higher it should be ranked in the search. All the best!.

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