As we all would readily agree, how impressively and assertively we convey our thoughts is as important as what exactly we are communicating, in the real world. The same holds true for online realm. Your authority is largely decided on basis of your capability to change readers’ mindset, to effectively influence them, to motivate people to act, and to bring in a positive change in their thought process.

It is important to make your writing more dynamic, resourceful and assertive so as to evolve into an able content marketer. Here are a few tricks and ideas to achieve this goal:

Define core purpose

Identify why you are writing a particular piece or what you are trying to attain by discussing a certain topic or referring to it. The idea generally should be to outline your domain-specific expertise without sounding erudite, to bring value to readers by sharing your knowledge, and above all, to initiate dialogue with your audience.

Develop new perspective and ideas

Constantly look for unique and original ideas that are contemporary and of relevance to your readers. Cultivate an offbeat approach and develop a different perspective so as to engage the prospects and create a niche for yourself. As you will continue writing and continue practicing, you will develop a certain way of putting across your thoughts that will be your very own. This will help people associate with you.

Know the medium

Your style should suit the medium – guest blogging, a company blog, tweets, Facebook posts, comments, thus helping you striking a chord with both your existing and prospective customers irrespective of the platform they are present on. This will make your writing more compelling.

Meticulously edit copy

Editing one’s own copy is not always a pleasant task. Taking a long, hard look at it can get tedious, at times. Typos, awkward phrases, badly constructed paras, or simply poor writing can often be overlooked. But meticulous quality check, a little boring it may become, will transform your copy into something more meaningful, beautiful and nice to read. In fact, SEO is not merely about keyword research, meta description, or a brief product description. Today, the realm of SEO is fast changing, having been overlapped by content marketing.

For those keen on advanced grammar, make it a point to diagram a sentence so as to identify its subject, its verb, clauses etc. Watch out for incomplete sentences. This will help you to fine tune your article and communicate more clearly. A professional copy editing exercise each and every time you create content will do absolutely no harm to your online reputation.

Sync content with marketing and SEO

Last but not the least, never ever treat marketing, SEO and content writing in isolation. Consider them in unison so as to develop common strategy and a voice that people can easily identify with. Look for a core value proposition, which will be useful in formulating a broader content plus digital marketing plan so that both are well in sync with your business model..

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