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I was just scanning through all the junk stored on my pc, hoping to free some valuable space so that i can store more junk on it. While hunting down the files, I came across my very first few animation videos, which I made for myself back in 2001-2002

AH!  Those were the days when I had a pc with black & white monitor, 16 MB ram and 4 GB hard disk. Only some graphics / animation software worked on it like Photoshop 4, GIF animator, which also lagged bigtime.

One of those was Macromedia Flash 5, which surprisingly worked well on that system. It did take some time to load but it was good enough to help me live my animation dream. If I had not been a SEO freak today, I would have definitely become a CG Animator or maybe I would have had my own animation studio.

I spent hell lot of time, infact significantly more time than it should have taken creating these clips because of B/W monitor. Believe it or not I used to go to cyber cafes and spend too much money to put colors to my work. So instead of keeping those animations to myself I have decided to post it here for you’ll to see.  As usual would love to hear from you

I Call this “Attack of the martian”


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  1. Rahul Mittal January 11, 2010 at 4:46 am

    Hey Bro i really appreciate to wat u ve gone thru and wat all have you done soo far….!!!

    I got your site’s link thru sunburn festival community on FB (Sultan’s video)….First of all thanks a ton for uploading the video….

    Me being a website Developer, knows how much hard work it takes to make such an animation…I really appreciate it and keep up the good work man..!!! Cheers!!!

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