Three ideas to benefit from Google Analytics

Here are three quick ideas to benefit from Google Analytics.

1. Customize your dashboard

  • A site owner should be prepared to perform necessary groundwork to make the most of Google Analytics. For instance, it is necessary to spend the time and energy for the purpose of customizing your dashboard.
  • You may initiate the process by adding any commonly used reports to it with help of the ‘Add to Dashboard’ option. The button is prominently visible on the top of a report. The box/s present just under the dashboard section will have a rather tiny ‘x’ mentioned on the top right corner. You can use it for removing any undesirable data.
  • Once you are satisfied with the information, the components can be dragged around to put those you wish to view first (near the top of your page). On the other hand, the less frequently viewed components can be pushed further down your page.

Export well-formatted PDF data files

  • Why not export some well-formatted PDF files of your data, which you can dispatch to your manager or even your clients. This indeed is a nice way of fast providing someone unfamiliar with Google Analytics a good overview of specific events or an analytics report.
  • You can receive the PDF exports by employing the ‘Export’ drop-down menu. It is located right t the top of a report. You may also opt to export any of your custom reports. And should you want, it is also possible to export your data in either CSV or XML format.

3.    Set alerts

  • Alerts are usually available in the ‘Intelligence’ section. And if you wish to keep a tab on your sites’ traffic pattern so as to quickly know when something unusual or out of the ordinary is occurring, setting up Alerts is indeed a must!
  • For instance, you may set an alert when the total number of visitors falls or increase beyond a certain threshold limit on any given day.
  • The Alerts option can be conveniently set up utilizing most of the different metrics that are available in a variety of reports. They can be employed on several sites and can also be easily applied to a multiple set of profiles.


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