Strategies for successful conversion

Your business website is, in a way, the online equivalent or representation of your offline sales activity. So both always have to be in sync with each other, to some extent!

It is important that you find and effectively establish a correlation between them while marketing your products and services – both online and offline. This holds the key to successful conversion. Here are a few more strategies to optimize your Web presence:

  • Try to follow what questions, objections, apprehensions, doubts as well as suggestions the customers have to make. More importantly, know what their answers are so that you can use the site as a channel. Be proactive
  • Create a comprehensive list of all the relevant objections and issues. This is stage one of your website optimization activity. When you have got all the necessary information, put to use a spreadsheet denoting on one tab every possible usability issue (can’t buy), alongside the objections (won’t buy).
  • Mark the issues, which spring up most often, or the ones you feel can have a bigger impact. Think of ways and means to overcome them. Conduct brainstorming to take care of the usability issues/ objections. Ensure that your site is complete in this respect based on specific solutions.

Be creative with the solutions

  • It is vital to be creative while coming up with the solutions. For example, if you have got a lower conversion rate on a particular form, ask yourself whether you need it in the first place. You may take a look at It’s a good example of doing away with the sign-up procedure altogether.
  • If you’ve to retain the sign-up process, in spite of people currently abandoning it, the only option is to fix it so as to improve conversion. For instance, if a user abandons your sign-up form, ask him or her to submit a quick feedback notification.
  • Try to rectify the issues so that on the next visit, the user is encouraged to fill it. Steps like this will enhance your conversions. The key is to prioritize the issues and actions.

Next important stage is development & testing that we shall consider in the next post of our series on successful conversion strategies..

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