How to ensure link baiting with dynamic content ?

Link baiting is a successful way of link building sans little cost. And the best part of it is that most links will be the type top search engines like to see in terms of relevancy to your site. For instance, many SEOs use it to capture links even from competitors.

In the previous post, we discussed certain effective link baiting techniques, including publish product/service related posts; factually correct copy; debates around a controversy and blogs to establish your business credentials.

Following are some more useful ideas:

  • Come up with exclusive content. It helps a great deal if you are the very first (which is easier said than done in today’s highly connected and competitive media world) to report a particular development in your domain.
  • A ‘breaking news’ kind of a post will draw the attention of people in your industry, make them site up and take notice of your site.
  • Any such exclusive news or development reported by you can have a major impact on its popularity. Of course, you have to be careful because the story has to be authentic and accurate or else it would only backfire.
  • Focus on facts, avoid bias. Each and every post you write, an article you publish, and a news story that you circulate should be based on facts, free of bias, and reader friendly.
  • Avoid becoming sensational and controversial, for no reason! This will drive away serious readers.
  • Publish news, views and interviews. Apart from updated news, informed views on a recent development in your domain can attract people to your site.
  • If you regularly publish interviews of highly recognized personalities, that sure would serve as great link bait. The higher profile that the individual enjoys, the more likely your site will draw a good number of quality inbound links.
  • Another great means of link baiting is to publish findings of a recent case study or research that you have done. If you feel it contains interesting revelations, share them!


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