Three ways to increase your site visibility with link baiting

Link baiting is an effective and reliable method of getting links to your personal or business website through targeted means.

Quite similar to the way that you would utilize different ‘bait’ to lure, your link baiting strategy should be focused on attracting the target audience you wish to seek links from. Here are some effective techniques to get that link juice.

Regularly publish product/service related posts

  • Write regular articles that review or compares domain-specific products/ services. Most companies relish the prospect of free publicity. Leverage this tendency to promote your site.
  • Your emphasis should be on creating content that promotes them, even while trying to be fair. These companies in all probability will link back to your website.
  • Of course, do not simply post anything without proper crosschecking or else you will end up losing credibility among the readers. Such ‘free’ publicity may cost your dear, so be careful. Also if you think strongly about something and want to raise a point, do it. There’s nothing like bad publicity.

Post factually correct information

  • You have to ask for authentic information from the companies based on facts.
  • Prepare a set of questions for their PR division to answer. Their feedback will serve as an added reference resource when you write the post so that they are factually correct.
  • Once you fine tune this format, you can start users’ ratings or reviews as the next logical step.

Use blogs to establish and enhance your business credentials

  • Blogs can be a powerful platform for circulating your opinion about your business, and to establish your brand over time.
  • Instead of blatant self-promotion, focus more on establishing the brand.
  • Initially, the emphasis should be on attracting the attention of your target audience, partly for the purpose of seeking quality links. Regularly updated blogs clearly enhance your credibility.

Remember, consistently produced quality content will provide an identity to your website and greatly help the cause of link building. Lets delve more into attaining your goals in my next post effective link baiting..

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