Clean up your bad online reputation. Here’re few tips on Online Reputation management

A company’s brand name and image plays a very important role, when it comes to doing business online or offline and bad online reputation in search results, can really ruin your company image and your business.

Bad reviews by users in blogs, forums & other online reviews/media websites about your company, leads to bad reputation in search engine and only way to tackle them is by using the power of  world wide web

The best way to start improving your online reputation is with your own website

Some of the steps you should take are:

•    Re-design your website
•    Update good quality content
•    Add a FAQ section
•    Set up company blog
•    Company News updates

Now that you have revamped your website its time you get really aggressive.

You can begin, by doing some online research using search engine such as Google, simply search your company name and find out specific blogs and forums of your industry, where your company’s image has been affected by bad reviews

After you have the list of those blogs and forums, you need to start blog commenting and forum posting. Consider posting some positive information about your company. Register to those forums and participate in discussions, be sincere and honest while keeping your point. If you discover your company has made many mistakes then admit it and apologize.  Just a sorry won’t work, try and fix their problems

You can also do some article submissions and set up social networking pages for your business, which you can further optimize and get them ranked in search engine through SEO. They will push the bad reviews down in search results and will also bring new traffic to your website

If you don’t have time or your company reputation has really taken a beating then, you need to contact online reputation management expert. A good SMO expert can really turn the table around and make your brand stand-out with good positive results. Through social media optimization you can really win back your company’s image and also get hell lot of traffic and high quality back links to your website


Another funny way to tackle the situation is to create another mistake but a small one lol.

So the current pages go down in SERP, but this is very tricky and not advisable. If the strategy doesn’t execute as planned then your brand will be completely screwed.

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